About Us

Hi! We are glad that you land on this page to know more about us and what we do at StartupUrge!

Well as the name Suggests, We solve startups needs. There are so many needs a startup can have so what we do we solve here? The answer is toughest part of running an organization. I am sure you will agree to the fact that Hiring is toughest job. Yes, we too have felt that with our previous startups and understand the pain. But to keep ourselves in niche we are here to help you hire handpicked human resource for remote jobs website development , marketing, graphics designing or content writers or more.

Why StartupUrge ?
We believe When you are starting something, start it in a space that you have experience in or the desire to build expertise very-very quickly. Running more than three startups we have faced this problem ourselves. While hiring a full time person can is not a feasible option for a startup, hiring freelancer is the way out. So StartupUrge. We have see this problem closely in our community for entrepreneurs which is of running the largest and the most active community for entrepreneurs. Before starting up we talked to make than 500 people to understand the pain point with the current options and their aspirations. We thought we can solve this so StartupUrge is born.

So what we do differently?
All service providers on out platform are invited either by ourselves or one of our existing members. This make our platform the most trustable platform to hire freelancers across different verticals.