What is StartupUrge?
StartupUrge is a platform to connect Qualified and trusted freelancers with the clients whose first priority os get work done. We are 100% committed towards client satisfaction.
How can I register an account on StartupUrge?
You can register your account on StartupUrge with any of social logins integrated on our website. Currently we have signup using Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.
Does registering an account on StartupUrge cost anything?
No, registering an account doesn’t cost you anything.
I have registered myself on StartupUrge, What to do now?
Once you register on StartupUrge you will be prompt to select if you want to be an employer and freelancer based on that you will be redirected to complete your profile.
Is it important to fill my profile details?
Yes, it’s very important to complete your profile to bid on the the project. Profile with less details has less SU score.
What is SU Score?
SU Score is a score which is assigned to each user based of their details and activity on the website. It is calculated by our proprietary algorithm.
How can I delete my account?
You can delete your account please send us a mail to [email protected]